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Monday, August 29, 2011

You have to see this!!

Catrina Taylor Rudd did a wonderful "Behind the Book" of Antiserum!! It includes, (get this!) a never seen before, sneak peek of Antiserum!!!! You just have to check it out! I'm so excited I'm actually doing cartwheels...badly I might add ;-P So, go see and enjoy the preview, then give me a shout out and let me know what ya think, huh??? Why not? Pick a site, I have three! Or twitter, or fb... lol ttfn :-F 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Antiserum Part II Sneak Peek!!

Chapter One

My eyes flicked towards the window for about the billionth time. No, I really can’t go. I thought to myself reluctantly as my fingers itched to open the window and jump out.

To feel the wind blow past my cheeks and ruffle my hair before I took in the impact of landing gracefully and quietly and bolt off into the night. Nurse my hunger.

You could go… no one would find out if you do it right. A silent thought whispered.

I gasped and cranked the music on my iPod up louder. No, no… no, no, no. This was not going to happen again. My fingers shook from the thirst I was trying to ignore.

Ever since I had come back from Transylvania I’ve been getting double thoughts, some that feel like they’re not even my thoughts. They first started when I was on the plane.

I remember the elderly flight attendant leaning over me to tuck me in the blanket and how she was close enough for me to feel the heat radiating off of her. But what really sticks with me was how something was just telling me how easy it would be for me to gain control over her… how her skin would be like biting into butter it was so easy. She was so fragile… I had almost reached out to her when Sadie stirred at my side; snapping me back into my sad reality.

The rest of the school year wasn’t so great either… First off, my older sister, Missy, moved out and away to Oregon to attend Le Cordon Blue and learn how to be a pastery chef, then Vasile had told my parents that my sister and I were vampires. Yeah, I know, the first part doesn’t sound so bad but, hey, I miss her. The second half however is a little more difficult. I couldn’t imagine their reactions. I thought they wouldn’t believe it. Boy, was I wrong, turns out that Mom’s dad was a vamp as well as Dad’s youngest brother. But since then, I was put on home schooling while J.B., my twin, got to finish out the school year with Nikki and Sadie. They’re all quite comfortable on their blood-baggie diet. Gah.

But that’s not the worst of it, I can’t hunt; blood baggies are supposed to be my only diet of blood, and even then it’s limited; half a pint a day. It’s a shame my addiction causes my body to act like it rejects the nuked bagged blood.

I recently stopped drinking from the baggies… I can’t stand it. They don’t subside any thirst that I have; they just seem to increase it. But now that I’ve stopped I’ve been having the need to sneak out and hunt.

I’ve done it a few times. I didn’t kill anyone though, just taking enough to satisfy my cravings for a day or so… the only problem is that when I get caught my parents call Vasile (who just happens to be on speed dial) and he comes over to inject me with another dosage of the antiserum. It’s happened twice over the summer and both times I blacked out for six hours and wasn’t able to remember what I was doing beforehand.

I still can’t believe they’re insisting I go to school.

I mean, it is way easier for Nikki and J.B. to walk around like being a vampire is no big deal, and Sadie has a whole year on us; she’s practically pro.

Speaking of Nikki, though… her premonitions were keeping me from my late night hunting and she would sound off a warning alarm to my parents who would then watch me like a hawk for the rest of the night. So, in result, I found a way to build up a mental block in Nikki’s mind that makes any premonition of me black out and she’s unable to see anything for however long her premonition is.

I find it a bit entertaining that she’s been discussing it with Vasile (right in front of me, I might add) and even he doesn’t have the slightest clue what’s going on.

J.B., on the other hand, is still very touchy when someone mentions the loss of her ‘ability’. But she is able to create weak nudges every so often.

It seems to me that the only good thing about my summer was getting my license, and even that was a boring process to go through.

Go on… they won’t catch you this time… The thought slithered itself into my music. I shook my head rapidly in an attempt to clear it out along with all my other thoughts.

“No.” I said aloud as I climbed into my bed and tangled myself into my blankets.

“Sleep… that’s what I need…” I sighed and leaned back against the pillows; closing my eyes.

* * * *

I dreamt of blood that night… as I do all the other nights.

I dreamt of it in puddles, dripping continuously. Everything was colored in an alluring crimson hue that sometimes glimmered under some unknown light. I even see the body of Kemen, the man I killed in Transylvania. He’d be lying on the stone floor of Emil’s holding cell and I’d be crouched over him, sucking the blood from him like a juice box. At times I’d see the drunken man from the bar, Eric, gazing off into oblivion, neck glistening under the parking lot lights, and I’d be there… whispering into his ear with my blood stained lips, telling him how he had never seen me in his entire life and will never remember anything of that night.

These were sights I was used to.

That is… until Adrian showed up and screamed, “Watch out!”

I shot up from my pillows quickly and cradled my head in my hands. My breath was coming in short bursts as it scratched at my burning throat. My hands shook like crazy and my fangs were fully extended.

I had to sit there and calm down for a few minutes before I was able to lie back again. Adrian has never been in my dreams before… especially not like he was really here in my room.

I pulled the sheets up to my chin and curled up tightly as I closed my eyes and tried to calm the tremors that convulsed through me.

Not even a second later my alarm went off.

I groaned and my throat burned. “Damn it all.” I muttered under my breath and got up to turn on the light and pull some clothes out of my dresser.

Peering into the mirror with blood-thirsty, silver eyes, I could see my pale skin shimmer from a thin layer of sweat. My thirst is making it harder and harder for me to get my sleep.

I tied my hair back quickly and, in a blurred movement, made my way to the bathroom to rinse the sweat from my skin and work on my eyeliner; biting my lip in concentration as I straightened my long blonde hair, careful not to let my already extended fangs pierce the thin pink skin of my lower lip.

J.B.’s light clicked on; I could hear it. She shuffled around her room slowly trying to find an outfit.

You’re late. I thought to her as I blurred back into my room to put on the skinny jeans, white tank top, and pink flannel I had out.

I was already out of my room with my purse over my shoulder when she thought, You’re early.

Whatever. Just hurry up. I thought back with an eye roll as I made my way down the stairs.

I flicked on the downstairs lights as I made my way to the kitchen and placed my purse on the counter. My eyes flicked toward the refrigerator. I know that the blood baggies are kept in there… and I know that I need it, hell, I need it so bad. Why couldn’t they just let me hunt?

I bit my lip again and silently whimpered. Damn… I thought to myself before opening the refrigerator and grabbing at one of the crimson stained pouches. The blood sloshed inside of it leaving a thin film that reflected the kitchen lights. I reached for the small tube at the top of the pouch and brought it to my lips.

It’s from the real deal. I thought. Just cold and not as fresh… still okay, right?

I squeezed the pouch and took a large gulp before my stomach clenched so tight that it felt like I was punched in the gut by a red hot sludge hammer.

I gagged and grabbed my stomach as I folded over; trying not to spit up the rejected blood as my fangs extended to a longer point and receded back to a more human size. My silver eyes cooled to their original icy blue.

Come on Jocelyn… You know that this isn’t want you want. Why don’t you go and find it? I’m sure your neighbor’s boy wouldn’t mind if you took some from him. The small voice slithered from the back of my mind. You’ve heard his thoughts of you. You’re practically a goddess in his eyes.

Shut up! I thought vigorously as I put a lock down on my thoughts and straightened myself out to place the gawd-forsaken blood baggie back in the fridge.

“This is ridiculous.” I muttered and grabbed my purse.

The ceiling creaked above me as Mom and J.B. made their way down the upstairs hallway.

“Jocelyn?” Mom asked as she stepped down the stairs.

I sat on one of the bar stools. “Down here.” I replied as my eyebrows pulled together, “What are you doing up?”

“I just wanted to be sure that you were okay before you left to school.” She smiled once she spotted me. “Did you drink some of the blood?”

I grimaced. “Yes.”

“Honey, you have to deal with it. I know you don’t like it but look at your sister, she’s doing just fine with it.” Mom placed a comforting hand on my back.

Her pulse pounded through her wrist and against my back causing my gums to ache in response.

I dropped my head to my hands and groaned. Mom’s hand quickly left my back. “Sorry.” She said quietly with a small sincere smile. “Alright have fun a school. Drive safe, Jocelyn.”

“Bye Mom.” J.B. and I said together as I fished the keys to my new Volkswaggon bug out of my purse.

* * * *

My mouth watered instantly when I reached the warm hallway that contained my locker. The scent of human was so compact in here; it’s crazy. Before I fully turned into a vampire, I never would have guessed how a human scent could easily fill an area that was at a warm temperature. Everything flows easier when it’s a warm. And that’s not the only thing that changed after I turned, not only could I smell everything but now all of my friends and classmates are practically in danger for six hours of the day because I’m in this hellhole with them.

I looked at classmates and new freshmen through my aviator sunglasses just to be sure that my eyes behaved and didn’t change color again.

Stay cool. I thought to myself. You could make it. My locker was almost in reach.

“Oh my gawd! Jocelyn!” A voice shrieked behind me.

I recognized it instantly, even though I haven’t talked to her since last school year. Briana Jacobson rushed up and flung her arms around me.

I swear the first thing I thought was, Awkward. Well, actually it was my second thought. The first was something close to, Take a bite. I couldn’t quite remember because it was mixed with mental pictures of me biting into Eric and Kemen… as well as Adrian, which isn’t too bad to remember.

Why was she even hugging me? I only talked to her in classes and I certainly don’t remember her making an attempt to talk to me since I left.

I lightly tapped her back as she rocked me to each side and let go of me. I gave her a closed-lipped smile and peered at her through my aviators as she gushed, “Oh my goodness! I haven’t seen you in… well since French class last year!” Briana giggled almost nervously until she gasped and covered her mouth. “I was so upset to hear that you had to leave school and go on Home Hospital. What happened?”

Oh, my gawd… this is ridiculous. I thought to myself as I remembered what Vasile told me to use as a background story. “I caught a Liver Fluke when I was in Europe.”

Briana stood there with a lost look. Liver Fluke? She mentally asked herself.

I looked up at the ceiling of the hallway and back down to her. “It’s a type of parasite that affected my liver and my gallbladder. It made me really sick and I had to stay home and go to a crap-ton of appointments that would have made catching up impossible.”

Briana’s eyes went wide. “Oh my gawd. That’s so horrible.” Her smile lit up quickly. “At least you’re okay now.” She rubbed my arm sympathetically and I searched for a way out of her conversations.

I motioned to a group of girls I used to see her hang out with. “Oh, look, some of your other friends just walked in. I’d stay but I really have to get to my locker. Bye!”

She waved to me as I quickly turned on my heel and made a bee-line right to my locker.

My head throbbed as more and more students walked through the hallway. I put up more of a mental barrier to minimize the thoughtful buzz in the air.

I smelt J.B. before I could see her. She walked into the hallway smiling and waving at everyone with Nikki at her side.

They came up to me quickly. “Have you said ‘hey’ to everyone, Joss?” J.B. started.

“Yeah, tons of people are glad to hear you’re back.” Nikki added. “How are you feeling so far?” she added in a low undertone.

I’m feeling like I want to bite everyone. I thought truthfully, trying to contain the small tremor that threatened to go through me, but said, “I’m fine, any more blackouts recently?”

Nikki’s eyes were suddenly glued to the floor as she tried to forget about the sudden flaw of her premonitions. “No… not recently.”

“That’s good to hear.” I smiled.

J.B. shot me a small glare, only making me smile bigger. I turned to my locker and opened it, rubbing my throat to try and ease the continuous thirst I had.

* * * *

I stared at the six words on the white board: “What I did during the summer…

“You will all share at least a two minute speech on what you did during summer.” My English teacher, Mr. Coin, said with a smile. “You know,” he continued. “Just so we could all get to know one another.”

I mentally rolled my eyes. What did I do over summer? Well… for starters, I was under strict house arrest to prevent hunting people. I dreamt of blood every night. I put up a mental barricade in Nikki’s mind to prevent her from having premonitions of me. I received the antiserum; twice, and I still can’t remember what I was doing about three hours before I received them. My ‘boyfriend’ from Transylvania is somehow finding ways to send me messages in my dreams… I think. And to top it off, I could barely hold down a blood baggie and all of you are in danger just by having me in this class. Now… how the hell could I explain what happened over summer with all of that crap?

That’s easy, I could simply say, “I was basically under house arrest because I got really sick and somehow the medication to get rid of the Liver Fluke kept giving me really weird dreams every night. One of my friends got hit in the head and now has a hard time remembering certain things. She’s alright though. I had to get two really nasty shots that don’t make any sense and should never exist, in my opinion. Don’t ask me what they were for because I do not remember. And now I’m back at school and off of Home Hospital.”

And that is exactly what I did say. I felt so accomplished even though it was a bunch of lies. Well, that, and I also avoided looking at any nervous student that presented.

It’s horrible to watch. Their hearts pounded, their faces got all flushed with blood. My throat starts to feel something like a desert; heat included. So dry! I needed something, no, someone to drink.

No, no… I could do this. I thought to myself as I stared at the ceiling.

No you can’t. The sneaky voice in the back of my head said in reply.

I kept in a sigh of exhaustion. Why the hell do I keep getting these ‘second thoughts’ that just go against everything humane that I have to do? It’s really a pain in the ass, although, it is the voice that says all the things that I don’t want to admit. Like, sneaking out, the possibility of not getting caught feeding, how secure the mental block in Nikki’s head is, how easy it would be to just have anyone in the school for a snack…

And my parents and Vasile wonder why I don’t want to go to school? It’s not like I could exactly tell them that since I got back from Transylvania, I’m hearing a voice in my head. “Of course I hear voices in my head.” They’ll say, “I’m a telepath.”

I mentally sighed. No, this wasn’t a normal mind voice it was something different and something very close to home with me.

* * * *

At lunch, I sat at a picnic table across the quad with J.B., Sadie, and Nikki. They all had something to eat; spicy chicken burger with fries, caesar salad with chicken from the grocery store, or a slice of pizza. Me, I had nothing and the only thing I wanted was walking all around me.

I grasped the sides of my head and groaned.

“Oh lighten up,” Nikki said through a mouthful of pizza. “There’s just two more hours of school left.”

I grimaced and looked away from the rolling mush of food in her mouth. “That’s so relieving.” I said sarcastically.

Sadie reached across the table and patted my hand, “Hey, how’s your head doing?” she asked.

“My head is just fine. I just have background noise now that I’ve been working on my focus.” I said with a quick smile.

It’s been a new thing to ask me “how’s your head doing?” Ever since I got my telepathy I haven’t been able to be around a lot of big crowds. And that’s just another reason why I shouldn’t go to school.

I noticed J.B. glancing around the quad like she was hunting down someone to drink. Her eyebrows kept pulling together as she examined each person she saw.

“You’re not going to find him.” I sighed as I stretched my back and legs.

She jumped. “Find who?” her mind instantly told me to shut up.

“Billy.” I stated bluntly, ignoring her thoughts. “You’re not going to find Billy.”

Now Sadie and Nikki’s attention was even more focused on J.B., who groaned. Bitch. She thought directly towards me.

I smirked.

J.B. looked around once more and finally rested at the table. “Are you guys sure he’s not going to come back?”

Sadie, Nikki, and I nodded. “Vasile spotted Billy associating with a group of Others outside of the town Vasile gets his lab chemicals from just the other day.” Sadie said reassuringly. “He’s all the way in Europe.”

I heard J.B. exhale and feel her thoughts calm down.

Just then someone’s mental voice suddenly became louder. My back straightened. The sound of the voice was somewhat familiar but I couldn’t pin it exactly.

Jocelyn watch out! He’s coming! The voice rang clearly through my head.

I flinched to the side, bumping J.B. off of the bench. She made a noise close to an oomph! when she landed.

Sadie and Nikki immediately stood up and looked over the table as I sat back up and helped J.B.

“What the hell was that for?!” She hissed through clenched teeth. “I landed on my tail bone.” She muttered.

I could feel my eyes widen behind my aviators and my hands begin to tremble. “I heard someone…” I mumbled.

Sadie stared directly into my eyes. “Who?” She asked with a slight tremor to her voice.

“It was Adrian.”

That's it! That's all of Chapter One! I hope you all liked it! :-F