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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Couldn't resist this pic! Mostly since it is so me!! Ok, on with the blog!

So many invitations! I love my connections on all my social sites :D They're  wonderful. How many of you are part of LinkedIn? It's a must for business! Actually it was my first networking site when I published Antiserum. I started with a few of my Dad's business associates as connections and now I have well over 13,000! Crazy isn't it? I think so :) Anyhoo, here's the thing... I have tons of great invitations just waiting for me to accept them. In fact, many of them have been waiting a very long time.... you want to know why?


That's right.

This terrific site that I really love has a tiny flaw.  If you are like me and you get a lot of invitations, the system won't let you accept them all in a big chunk. It is afraid you might be a robot program or something so it keeps kicking you out of the system. So, I accept as many as I can from my computer before LinkedIn kicks me out, then I try my phone... (if it allows me in) I do the same thing there until it locks up the invitations. Then I'm Out Of Luck for at least a day... meanwhile I get more invites which I Love!

Guess what happened today? LinkedIn actually allowed me to accept about 420 invitations before it kicked me out!!! I was so happy I just had to tell everyone! For the first time in I don't know how long my invitation list is down to 850! Yay! I'm so sorry I didn't get to all of you. I was prepared to sit all day long if I had to. Everybody has been waiting and I'm really not ignoring you.

So, If you are waiting, don't worry I'll get there. And If you have a business and you aren't on LinkedIn, you should be. This is a small issue that is more of an irritant for me than any sort of problem.  You can make so many terrific connections on LinkedIn. Did I mention the groups? You name it, they've got it or you can start your own! I am continually amazed by some of the great advice coming from the groups.  Mixed signals? Not really. I love LinkedIn, especially now that I'm making a dent in my invitations! Weehoo! Check it out for yourself.


Patti xo

Friday, June 14, 2013

#MascaraVsAndrew & Recharge!

ok, I'm sorry. I totally neglected my blogger site!! Truth be told, I've been more than a wee 
bit overwhelmed! The energizer Patti went a bit kaput ... no, really it's true :/  Only I didn't 
quite loose my smile. Just almost. It got a bit weak. 

So, what's a girl to do? Recharge of course! :))

I don't know how you Recharge, but I go out and play! I went camping with my Uncle Ernie 
and we played at the beautiful Yosemite National Park!! There's nothing like hiking and 
being in the middle of all that amazing nature! We even went to the foot of one of the falls. 
Soooo cool! Well, cool and very wet!! lol It's important to laugh a lot, play often and let 
your inner child feel loved. Mine was pouting a bit but now she's happy and skipping again!

I know you want to know, what's all this hoopla about #MascaraVsAndrew ... right?? 
Well, I was having an absolute blast with my friends Joseph and Minnie on the radio and
just happened to mention that I'd like to put mascara on my boyfriend Andrew's lashes.
It started a big thing and the next thing ya know we have a video starring Andrew on the
subject... people are tweeting... comments are happening... he's laughing at it all. You 
know he even tried to bribe me with a giant stuffed hippo, but I won't budge! LOL.  Mostly 
he deals  with all my silliness by joining in cuz he's just as goofy as I am. But maybe you 
should decide (to side with me of course) for yourself.  I'll attach the link for the crazy 
radio show.. ROFL and  Andrew's video!

Here you clearly see Andrew weakening as he slowly will give in to my way of thinking!
Support Patti in the #MascaraVsAndrew saga!! LMAO