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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Couldn't resist this pic! Mostly since it is so me!! Ok, on with the blog!

So many invitations! I love my connections on all my social sites :D They're  wonderful. How many of you are part of LinkedIn? It's a must for business! Actually it was my first networking site when I published Antiserum. I started with a few of my Dad's business associates as connections and now I have well over 13,000! Crazy isn't it? I think so :) Anyhoo, here's the thing... I have tons of great invitations just waiting for me to accept them. In fact, many of them have been waiting a very long time.... you want to know why?


That's right.

This terrific site that I really love has a tiny flaw.  If you are like me and you get a lot of invitations, the system won't let you accept them all in a big chunk. It is afraid you might be a robot program or something so it keeps kicking you out of the system. So, I accept as many as I can from my computer before LinkedIn kicks me out, then I try my phone... (if it allows me in) I do the same thing there until it locks up the invitations. Then I'm Out Of Luck for at least a day... meanwhile I get more invites which I Love!

Guess what happened today? LinkedIn actually allowed me to accept about 420 invitations before it kicked me out!!! I was so happy I just had to tell everyone! For the first time in I don't know how long my invitation list is down to 850! Yay! I'm so sorry I didn't get to all of you. I was prepared to sit all day long if I had to. Everybody has been waiting and I'm really not ignoring you.

So, If you are waiting, don't worry I'll get there. And If you have a business and you aren't on LinkedIn, you should be. This is a small issue that is more of an irritant for me than any sort of problem.  You can make so many terrific connections on LinkedIn. Did I mention the groups? You name it, they've got it or you can start your own! I am continually amazed by some of the great advice coming from the groups.  Mixed signals? Not really. I love LinkedIn, especially now that I'm making a dent in my invitations! Weehoo! Check it out for yourself.


Patti xo

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